Apnea 100 extraordinary images. The first ever book of freediving pictures. All the shots were taken while freediving, between the surface and a depth of 60 metres, all around the world and in natural light. Not a single element of the photographs was removed, moved or modified.

In 2004, after 10 years of competition and four world records, Fred Buyle turned towards the underwater image captured while freediving, to limit the impact on the environment and to approach the animals without disturbing them. He divides his time between underwater photography, teaching freedriving, tagging sharks and shooting documentaries.

Foreword by Sandra Bessudo, marine biologist, the Minister of the Environment of Colombia.

Fred Buyle website : www.nektos.net

francais version anglaise

Bilingual edition French / English

ISBN 2-909524-22-1

Apnea 24,50